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Strong, Easy Ground Screw Foundations

Groundscrews4u are a leading ground screw installation company based in Essex. As one of the first companies in the UK to provide these revolutionary foundation solutions, we already have an experienced team of professionals ready to work on your project.

Ground Screws are the best way to install foundations for your next commercial or residentail building project. Fast, clean, strong and easy to install, our team of experts, we can help you reduce costs and improve insallation times.

As one of the UKs leading Ground Screw installation companies, bring us in to work with you and see the benefits.

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Ground Screws - foundations of the future

Groundscrews4u can be used for both residential and commercial applications

Our ground screws can be used for most kinds of residential or commercial project that require a quick, clean and solid foundation. If you are looking to build a base for home improvements such as garden sheds, bars, garden offices or pool cabins, our ground screws are the perfect solution.

If you are looking to build a larger commercial structure, such as glamping sites, holiday lodges, solar farms and even street lighting, our ground screws are the perfect, quick and clean to install, foundation.

Commercial Construction Projects

Ground Screws for Commercial Construction Projects

Ground screws are perfect for your commerial installation.

  • Glamping Sites
  • Containers
  • Holiday Lodges
  • Solar Farms
  • Street Lighting
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Residential Construction Projects

Ground Screws for Residential Construction Projects

You no longer have to dig up your beautiful garden.

  • Garden Rooms
  • Decking & Landscaping
  • Shed Bases
  • Extensions
  • Garages
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Using ground screws for your building project has many benefits:

  • No Digging
  • No Concrete
  • No Skips
  • Installed in all weather
  • No Mess!
  • Reduces Cost
  • No Downtime
  • Low Cardbon - Eco Friendly

Calculate the price of your Ground Screw project

There are several factors that determine the type and number of ground screws you require. These include the weight of the finished structure, the size and type of joists or supports it uses and the type of terrain and soil you are building on. Here you can assses your projects needs and get an estimate for installing a ground screw foundation.

If you would like to find out how much ground screws cost, click the button below to use our quick calculator.

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How much do Ground screws cost?

Click here to use our Ground Screws price calculator to estimate the cost for your project.

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